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CQAA August 2018 Webinar: Software Quality Benchmark Study

  • 22 Aug 2018
  • 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Online



CQAA Software Quality Benchmark Study

Study Deadline July 31, 2018
Results Webinar August 22, 2018

About the Benchmark Study

During July the Chicago Quality Assurance Association (CQAA) is providing our members the opportunity to participate in a software quality benchmark study conducted by software productivity researchers, QSM Associates. Specifically, this study focuses on defect density using defects found during QA/testing activities.

Data gathered from our Chicagoland members will be consolidated and compared-and-contrasted with 13,000 completed projects — both Agile and traditional — contained in QSM Associates’ global SLIM database. Study participants will have the option to request their company data to be compared individually against our Chicagoland results and industry benchmarks and reported privately to them.

A webinar will be held on Wednesday, August 22 at 11:30 am to 12:30 pm to present the consolidated results of the CQAA Benchmark Study

All data is treated as private and confidential by CQAA and is not disclosed by company, unless specifically authorized by the study participant.

What are the Benefits?

This benchmark study will help you answer questions most frequently asked by leadership, such as:
  • How do defects levels for Agile projects compare to waterfall projects?
  • Do Agile projects deliver more functionality with fewer defects?
  • How defects behave based on software complexity, team size, and schedule compression?
  • How can defects be used in predictive forecasting of schedules?

How to Participate?

Here is all you need to do to join this benchmark study:
  • Select one or two anonymous projects of your choice
  • Send an email to CQAA at with the following 4 pieces of information:
    Project Name (can be ficticious)
    Indicate if Waterfall or Agile Project
    Total Number of QA/test defects found
    Lines of code (new or changed) plus programming language
    Number of story points plus story point scale used
  • Indicate if you would like to receive your individual benchmark results privately. If so, please provide your name, company name and email address to receive your results
If you have questions about the data needed, please directly contact, Michael Mah, Managing Director, QSM Associates at

Data Deadline 

Pease send an email with your data by July 31st.

About QSM Associates

QSM Associates, Inc. helps organizations measure, plan, estimate and control software projects. It offers the SLIM (Software Lifecycle Management) Suite of tools, so managers can benchmark and forecast Agile, waterfall, in-house, offshore/multi-shore or ERP/package implementation projects. SLIM contains statistics from a worldwide database of more than 13,000 completed projects, enabling productivity benchmarking on the desktop. Using SLIM to dynamically run “virtual project simulations,” companies can model and forecast waterfall and Agile releases to deliver on time, within budget with 90% estimation accuracy. QSM Associates offers consulting, training, and coaching to help accelerate this capability.

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