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Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)
SPR Consulting

Position Title: Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)
Company Name: SPR Consulting
Date Posted: Mar 21, 2017

Job Description

Some people like to build things. Some people like to break things. Really special people like to break abstract things like software, using software.

At SPR, our agile software development projects demand ever-greater efficiency in both development and testing activities. Growing a software product iteratively and incrementally means there are thousands of opportunities for defects to enter a code base. Clean coding practices and test-driven development help. A lot. But developers are builders. Project teams need breakers, too. And great teams need great breakers


A great breaker at SPR (a Software Development Engineer in Test) is someone who...
  • … is a great software developer. Someone who knows OO, one or more curly-brace languages, and knows how to use an IDE efficiently for Java or C#
  • … knows databases. Someone who can produce SQL SELECT statements with correlated subqueries on demand. Someone who knows what name-value pair and document databases are all about
  • … knows about web services, and REST API’s, how to call them from test code, and how to parse JSON and use assertions to confirm that they work properly. Someone familiar with tools like RestAssured, Postman or SoapUI
  • … is fundamentally lazy. Someone who hates doing the same thing twice, let alone 50 times, and who therefore is passionate about automation
  • … is someone who likes doing things right. Who likes knowing that a test framework will run reliably, build after build, consistently point out defects, and never throw “false positives.”
  • … has an interest in mobile application development, and an ability to dive in and learn new automated testing tools for iOS and Android platforms. Someone familiar with Appium or other mobile automation frameworks
  • … knows how to set up and execute functional tests against web applications. Test that expose real problems, but which are resilient enough to keep working when cosmetic changes are made to the app being tested. Someone familiar with tools such as Selenium Webdriver
  • … is organized. Someone who knows that for defects to be fixed, they need to be in someone’s work queue. Someone familiar with tools like JIRA, Lighthouse, TFS and HP QC


As an SDET at SPR, you’ll be asked to

  • Set up automated test frameworks. From scratch. Pick the frameworks, install them, write the first set of tests, and make sure it all hangs together properly
  • Work with developers to integrate test frameworks into Continuous Integration servers / pipelines, so the tests run… well… continuously
  • Work with our Agile teams in all facets of the development process, including story grooming and development of crisp, testable acceptance criteria
  • Work with behavior-driven development test frameworks like Cucumber and SpecFlow, to create human-understandable, automated, behavioral tests using Gherkin (Given/When/Then) syntax
  • Work with software builders as a programming pair, to ensure that unit tests properly cover tricky edge cases and fully cover complex algorithms
  • Write clean code! Our production code needs to be elegant and nimble, and so does our test code. It needs to keep pace with changes as the application evolves
  • Speak up! Our agile teams constantly look to improve in many facets of software development, and testing is a big part of that. Share your ideas and help us get better
  • Communicate and collaborate. Software development is a team sport. You will need to communicate well with your colleagues and clients, and of course, play well with others

If the person we’re talking about sounds like you, then you should be talking to us.

Contact: Jamie Peters at

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